The Important Stuff

A few of my favorite things.

1. Kosher salt.  It has a softer flavor than iodized salt.  It's harder to over-salt things with kosher salt.  In general, I just like it better.  It's the only salt I use - for both baking and cooking - and just use the same amount of kosher salt that you would regular salt (i.e., 1 tsp iodized salt = 1 tsp kosher salt).

2. Real butter. Salted is good. I always use salted, even when a recipe calls for "unsalted."  This goes for cooking and baking.

3. Mayonnaise. Please, do not, under any circumstances, use Miracle Whip. It is not real. Mayonnaise is real and it is what you will want to use. Without a doubt.

4. Scoops.  I have three sizes of these scoops and I use them all the time.  Can you see me in the reflection?  I'm the one wearing my husband's CATS t-shirt.  We bleed blue.  Even while cooking.

I use the big one for large cookies - like these.  I use the medium one for normal cookies, like these.  And I use the small scoop for mini-muffins and to make mini-cookies.

5. To be continued...