Who is Pithy?

My husband and I have known each other since we were twelve years old.

We started dating when I was 18.  He was 17.

We married when we were 22.  We thought we were grown up.  We were not.

I worked really hard for five years.

Then I started law school.  And had our first baby.  During finals week.  My first year.

My husband continues to work hard.  Thankfully.

Also born during law school was our second baby.  Right before spring break.

Another girl.  Who happens to be my twin.

Graduated law school.  With two toddlers (and my awesome family, of course) watching me walk across the stage.  Two little blonde girls who were the best things that happened to me during law school.  Because more than once, I thought law school would kill me.

Until I experienced natural childbirth.  For a minute, my husband was quite sure I was a goner.  Just ask him.  Actually, don't.  He's still not over it.

In nearly 12 years of marriage, we've moved across the country.  And back.  Then south.  And vowed never to cross the Mississippi River or the Mason Dixon Line again.  Ever.

Once we settled in our home of Lexington, Kentucky, we found out we were expecting our third baby and first boy, Bubby.  And then I sat for the bar exam.  And somehow, through the morning sickness and ten-hour study days for weeks on end, I passed.  It was nothing short of a miracle, an act of God, folks. Seriously.

Bubby was such a great baby that we had another baby. We call her Bitty. Bubby calls her "my baby." She is the quintessential baby of the family - smiley, sweet and the one that everyone adores.

And now, everyone wants to know what I'm going to do with a law degree. I have no idea. To be quite honest, law school is a distant, foggy memory at this point. With four children six and under, I don't have a lot of time to think about what I might do because I'm busy doing - and loving - life.

Oh, and just in case you're curious.  Preparing for the bar exam makes natural childbirth look like a walk in the park.  Just sayin'.

So for now, this is what I do.  I cook for my family, take amateur photographs with my pink camera, and write about food.  My mom taught me how to cook.  And she taught me that it is fun.  And that it was a big part of taking care of my family.  Just like she always took care of us.

So tonight, make something yummy for dinner.  And make dessert.  Even if it's Tuesday.  You owe it to yourself and your family.


Katie Pinkston said...

I just read this and it made me laugh and cry! So sweet.

Anonymous said...

vendsme 54AHi Elisabeth! I landed on your blog from Switzerland!!!! Actually even if we never met we are somehow related :-D my husband Cheyne and your mother in law are first cousins! I love reading your blog as I LOVE to cook and put a law school degree aside when I married Cheyne at 22 years of age! Thank you for sharing it with us ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tiziana! Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment! How fun that you love to cook too and hopefully we'll get to meet in person someday!