Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fresh Tomatoes: Not a Recipe

Last week it was 98 degrees, with a heat index of 110.  Pretty much every day.

It was so hot, I wasn't even very hungry.

Now that's hot.

So I cut up some fresh-picked tomatoes from the garden, sprinkled them with balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper.  And I couldn't resist a few blue cheese crumbles.

It's not a recipe but it's a pretty great lunch.

And a pretty simple use for the four thousand tomatoes we're getting ready to harvest.


Bethany said...

Please keep the tomato suggestions coming. I have tomatoes piling up in my fridge (from our garden.) I have no idea what to do with them....... not in that quantity.

Elizabeth said...

Georgia tomatoes are earlier than Kentucky tomatoes...but I'm getting ready to post gazpacho, fresh tomato soup with basil, bacon & tomato sandwiches with a twist, and pico. Hopefully that will help! And if you keep your tomatoes on the counter, they last longer at room temperature.

Adrienne said...

Yum! I end up freezing most of my tomatoes whole in ziplock bags. It's super easy to make tomato sauce with them later.

Elizabeth said...

Great idea, Adrienne! I'm going to try that - I love tomato sauce!