Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I was a Guest Blogger on Bethany's Book Blog!

When my friend Bethany asked me to guest blog on her site, I absolutely loved the idea! 

Bethany's Book Blog is...well, it's a book blog.  Bethany is in competition with her husband to see who can read the most books this year.  I love competition.  Sorry Scott, but I'm rooting for Bethany. 

You can read my book review of Love & War (by Stasi & John Eldredge) here.

Be sure to check back to Bethany's blog - I have loved reading her book reviews!  I have already read two of the books that she has reviewed on her blog and loved them both.

Watch for Bethany's guest post on Pithy's Kitchen later this week...she made a family recipe that I can't wait to try!  I'm not going to tell you what her recipe is yet though...you'll just have to come back and see it later this week!

Thanks ya'll!


John Pinkston said...

Awww! I love your blog and now I love Bethany's blog...you all are so entertaining! I also recommend Love and War and anything written by John Eldredge.

Elizabeth said...

That's so sweet, Katie! Thanks! :)

BWF said...

Thank you, Katie. That is very sweet. I hope you'll visit my blog occassionally! :)